Child Donation Washable Triple Layer Cotton Face Mask with Pocket

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When we started making these masks it was for a couple of friends on the front lines.  Then word got out and we now have given away over 5,500 masks due to the help of donated money and materials.  Our embroidery company has continued to receive more requests, so now that we are out of donations, we would like to set up a model where when you buy one mask at $10 (or $15 for embroidered), it helps us to donate another to someone who is on the front lines or someone who cannot otherwise pay for one.

Description: USA handmade cotton fashion face mask with a pocket for filter.  

Our masks are made from 100% cotton. We also made a special pocket for reusable filters.


• Pocket for Filter

• Loose Elastic Strands that can be Tied

• Washable and Reusable

• Pleated

We do not make any claims to the medical benefits of the face mask. 

These products are not related to or affiliated with the copyrighted fabric owner.

NOTE: If you are getting an embroidered custom version, please send an email with details to  

Can be machine washed and dried, but we strongly suggested using a laundry bag as elastic can get caught.